The Optech Lynx SG-S delivers survey-grade accuracy with a single, light-weight LiDAR/camera installation, making it the best solution on the market when accuracy, precision and overall cost-effectiveness are paramount. Equipped with Teledyne Optech’s world-class LiDAR technology, the Lynx SG-S sensor makes 600,000 measurements per second with uncompromising accuracy and spreads them over a 360° view at 250 lines per second to enable uniform point distribution even at highway speeds. This accuracy is augmented with best-in-class INS technology and Optech LMS Pro’s advanced LiDAR rectification algorithms, which are based on years of experience and complex optical and mathematical models. The Ladybug®5 camera from Point Grey complements the LiDAR data with 360° imagery for feature-rich deliverables, and their shared, compact platform is easily removed and reinstalled without affecting the boresight parameters. With unmatched hardware performance, a ground-breaking data processing solution, and the ability to upgrade as your business expands, the Lynx SG-S ensures that your most challenging projects are delivered on time and on spec.

Lynx SG-S Advantages

  • Maintain dense and uniform data at highway speeds with rapid measurement and scan rates
  • Optimize accuracy and achieve high-volume production processing with Optech LMS Pro
  • Simplify project operations with automated boresighting
  • Enhance LiDAR data with 360° Ladybug®5 camera imagery
  • Manage data volume by configuring system parameters for specific applications
  • Install and remove system in minutes without affecting boresight parameters


  • Corridor & Asset

                Asset Management



  • Engineering

                Civil Engineering


  • Surveying & Mapping

                Digital Photogrammetry

                Urban Mapping