Optech LMS is a processing workflow tool designed specifically for high-volume production processing. Available in two versions, Standard and Professional, Optech LMS fully automates many tasks while offering exceptional flexibility and ease of use. From automated LiDAR calibration to extensive geodetic conversions, accuracy reporting, and parallel processing, Optech LMS Standard is fully designed for LiDAR survey production.

Optech LMS is fully compatible with Optech Galaxy, Orion and Pegasus ALTMs and Optech Lynx Mobile Mappers.

LMS Advantages

  • Provides pre- and post-rectification results, plus relative and absolute accuracy comparisons
  • Includes full range of coordinate transformations, geoidal modelling and datum adjustment capabilities from Blue Marble for direct output in the local reference frame
  • Incorporates batch processing and enhanced metrics to minimize user interaction
  • Processes data from ALTM models 2050, 3033, 3070, 3100, Galaxy, Orion, Gemini and Pegasus, and Lynx Mobile Mapper models V200, M1, Lynx SG1 and Lynx MG1
  • Supports LAS 1.1 and 1.2 output formats with enhanced reporting