The Lynx HS-600 series of mobile survey systems features the fastest scanner in the industry. Boasting 600 lines per second per sensor, it doubles the scanner speed of the Lynx SG series, which was already the industry leader. Available in single- and dual-sensor configurations, the Lynx HS-600 is a major step forward for collecting dense and uniform LiDAR data from high-speed platforms. It is the most efficient mobile LiDAR mapping system available, with incredible detail and measurement rates of up to 800 kHz per sensor.

The Lynx HS-600 is tightly integrated with the optional Point Grey Ladybug® 360°camera in the single-head configuration for maximum portability. In addition to the Ladybug® option, the dual-head configuration allows for the integration of up to four individual 5-MP cameras.

The Lynx HS-600 leverages the best data processing software solution in the industry – Optech LMS Professional – which minimizes processing time and maximizes efficiency while generating accurate results. Designed as a hub for processing the data from all system sensors, LMS ensures tight integration between LiDAR and image data with robust quality assurance and quality control tools. Integration with 3rd-party feature extraction tools streamlines the derivation of the final deliverables.

Lynx HS-600 Advantages

  • Fastest scanner in the industry – 600 lines per second per sensor
  • Feature-rich, high-detail LiDAR data from high-speed platforms
  • Programmable scanner speeds and measurement rates
  • Real-time data quality monitoring
  • Tightly integrated with the optional Point Grey Ladybug®5 in both single- and dual-sensor configurations
  • Up to four individually addressable and scalable cameras in the dual-sensor configuration
  • Automated boresight and trajectory correction algorithms in LMS maximize accuracy and efficiency of mobile surveys

Multiple mobile platforms expand your applications to road, off-road, rail and marine