The Lynx Mobile Mapper™ SG has two 600-kHz sensors for survey-grade precision. It’s the fastest and most efficient mobile LiDAR mapping system available, with incredible detail and measurement rates of up to 1.2 million measurements per second. Collect engineering survey-grade LiDAR and image data from a vehicle at cruising speeds, while previewing the quality of your data in real-time 3D inside the vehicle. The ability to control several integrated cameras, including the Point Grey Ladybug®, adds further value to a system that is already considered the premium choice for mobile surveys where accuracy, precision and resolution are critical. A complete software solution includes best-in-class survey planning, project execution, inertial/position processing, LiDAR post-processing and information extraction. The Lynx SG leverages the LiDAR rectification power of Optech LMS Professional, which rectifies LiDAR data files to such a level of accuracy and quality that they require no further refinement, independent of the user. This minimizes processing time and maximizes efficiency while generating consistent results.

Lynx SG Advantages

  • Achieve engineering-grade detail as your deliverable collecting 1.2 million points per second
  • Get closer, denser points where needed with a fast PRF of 600 kHz per sensor head
  • Gain efficiency in survey planning and scheduling with programmable scanner speeds
  • Multiple mobile platforms expand your applications to road, off-road, rail and marine
  • Up to four individually addressable and scalable cameras provide results matching project needs
  • Automated lidar rectification algorithms in LMS maximize accuracy of mobile surveys
  • Flexible image capture reduces your data volume