The Optech Orion Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper is an ultra-compact total mapping solution with industry-leading data precision and accuracy. Modular components, direct upgrade options and plug-and-fly passive imaging sensors deliver scalable and highly flexible configurations for maximum flexibility in all application spaces. Orion meets your application requirement with three models:

Orion C

Low-altitude system for corridor and engineering mapping applications such as power line, pipeline, and urban infrastructure surveying. With industry-leading ranging precision of <10 mm, Orion C provides engineering-grade accuracy and precision for tight-tolerance applications. Coupled with exceptional small target detection capability, Orion C provides complete collection confidence of all overflown transmission and distribution lines, irrespective of cable size and coatings.

Orion M

Low- to mid-altitude system provides a wider operational envelope enabling a wider range of applications including, urban modeling, engineering and transportation, and small topographic surveys. Ideal if you need the flexibility to perform both corridor and larger area surveys.

Orion H

A high-performance sensor that provides maximum application flexibility. Bid with confidence on low-altitude corridor projects and/or high-altitude mountain surveys. Orion H delivers with unparalleled data quality and accuracy.

Orion Advantages

  • Compact form factor and low power requirements provide platform flexibility
  • Industry-leading data precision delivers the highest-quality datasets possible
  • Exceptional small-target detection capability captures even the smallest details
  • Monitor data quality and collection confidence in real-time with in-air lidar point cloud display and coverage maps
  • Output XYZI point clouds in LAS format in real-time for immediate data deliverables
  • Have the flexibility that only a completely programmable scanner and FOV offer, maintaining required ground point densities when collection conditions and altitudes vary from plan
  • Provide service differentiation by adding passive imaging capability with Optech’s modular line of digital cameras (RGB, NIR, thermal, and multispectral). Tightly-integrated and fully supported from one flight management system
  • Flexible multi-sensor mounts for both helicopter and aircraft installations provide scalable solutions as business requirements change
  • Deliver consistent data quality and accuracy with production-focused workflow software with automated calibration capabilities


  • Corridor & Asset
  • Defense & Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Urban Mapping