I-Site Forensic software is a dedicated package that offers all the tools to analyse laser scan data and deliver objective, reliable data for presentation in legal proceedings. Whether analysing crime scenes or crash sites, users can visualise and work with data in the 3D environment.

This allows users to visualise the entire scene in true 3D and generate output easily. No need to load one screen at a time or use quasi-3D bubble views.

I-Site Forensic tools for scene mapping, reconstruction and investigation can handle data from I-Site laser scanners, Z+F 5006, 5006h & 5010 scanners, FARO and Mantis technology.


  • Blood spatter trajectory analysis
  • Crash investigation
  • Bomb blast analysis
  • Forensic scene mapping
  • Fire scene reconstruction
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Bullet trajectory analysis
  • Surface change detection


  • Geometric calculations: Calculate angles and distances between objects,
  • CAD: Create CAD quickly and easily for export as DWG, DXF, OBJ, VRML files
  • Animations: Generate 3D movie animations to better visualise and present a crime scene
  • Results: Deliver highly accurate 3D visual data as 3D PDF


  • Modelling: Model directly in true 3D, calculate areas, volumes of objects or scenes
  • Interpretation: Create scaled figures for scene placement, forensic signs for object recognition
  • Multiple data format support: Supports file formats from any I-Site scanner, Z+F IMAGER & FARO
  • Smart registration: Effortlessly align multiple scans together, and to a coordinate system such as GPS
  • Intelligent filtering: Reduce datasets to enable easy identification of key features
  • Powerful mapping: Create labels and graphics with all the necessary geometry to support them