Z+F LaserControl® provides all necessary tools to manage your scan jobs efficiently. It is a unique software solution with complete workflow from data capturing to delivery. Three different software packages are available for getting the ideal solution according to your needs.


Z+F LaserControl® Elements is the freedom to view and browse your point cloud data without any cost. Besides checking the accuracy status of the device calibration, basic measurement functions are implemented. Furthermore it is the key to access and operate all Z+F products of the entire Z+F IMAGER® and Z+F PROFILER® family.

Z+F LaserControl® Office (formerly Professional)

Z+F LaserControl® Professional is the standard solution for common use with every laserscanner of the IMAGER® and PROFILER® series. A suite of filters allow differentiated preprocessing of scan data and are the key to a highly accurate registration. By adding colour information with the included color module the scan data is ready for postprocessing through a wide range of export formats. Naturally all LaserControl® Element features are included. In addition the Kinematic function gives extended usability for profiling applications.

Z+F LaserControl® Office Premium (formerly Professional PLUS)

Z+F LaserControl® Professional PLUS provides extended functions for registration, additional data visualisation and project management tools. Both Cloud-to-Cloud and Plane-to-Plane registration (optional module) decrease the need for targets dramatically. Saving time in the field and in the office are the striking benefits of these future orientated registration tools. Furthermore fly-troughs can be generated, simulated and saved.

Your static imagery can be rectified and printed to scale. The relocation of misplaced data with the mirror filter is the right tool to bring your point clouds to perfection. Finally the linktool offers you best usability for project management.

Additional Modules


Our philosophy is to be a constant partner to the users of our products. The Forensics module is a customised product that matches the high standards as of the German police. Using 3D data enables forensics experts to visualise crime scenes to simulate a sequence of events. Besides existing functions for the 2D and 3D visualisation, the module offers additional features to analyse the crime scene e.g. shot trajectory or view-from-eye. Even after years a reconstruction of the scenery is feasible to verify new evidence.