Z+F LaserControl® Scout is the newest software of Zoller + Fröhlich.

The software has been programmed especially to register scans automatically on site. Z+F LaserControl® Scout is based on the popular software Z+F LaserControl® Professional PLUS. That’s why a lot of useful tools of Professional PLUS are included in Scout. With the registration on site you will save a lot of time in the office. Moreover you can check the data quality in the field right away.

With Z+F LaserControl® Scout and the new 3D laser scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5010X , Zoller + Fröhlich starts a laser scanning revolution with the Blue Workflow.

Automatic registration

Z+F LaserControl® Scout will keep a constant link to the scanner. After a scan is finished, the data is downloaded onto the tablet PC automatically. Once completed, the software immediately attempts a preliminary registration.

Should the automatic process fail, Z+F LaserControl® Scout provide easy tools for manual adjustments by simply dragging the scan into the approximate position. Scout further provides a new tool for complex geometries to manually align scans quickly in 3D.

Registration Guard

One of the most common reasons for frustrations back at the office with cloud-to-cloud based registration algorithms is poor overlap between different scanning positions. Realizing such a problem in the office can be fatal to a project. Hence, Scout will assist you with early detection of these problems in the field already, in order to fill gaps immediately with additional scans and make sure you return with a complete dataset.

Fail-safe target workflow

Besides all automatic registration features, targets are still of great importance for some specific workflows. So far, their major down-side has been that they could only be verified in the office, when re-scanning is impossible. Scout allows you to acquire and process scanned targets in the field automatically or manually to guarantee leaving the site with a safe registration.

Brand new look and feel

The new Z+F LaserControl® Scout is well optimized and prepared for Windows® touch tablets. Its intuitive new user-interface is simple to use and has all major tools always at hand for you.

Stay updated through advanced synchronization

Z+F LaserControl® Scout will automatically synchronize all scan data locally and, after registration, update all scans on the scanner accordingly. Therefore, at any time, the scanner and tablet display the same results.

Remote Scanner Control

Free yourself of time pressure to hectically hide from the scanner. Control the instrument and check its status comfortably from a distance.

Quick insights with detailed top-cuts

Z+F LaserControl® will create a detailed top-view outlining the features in the scene for easy orientation and verification of the positioning.