Geo3D d.o.o. is privately owned company founded in 2007. It is a sister company to an existing full service surveying company Vektra d.o.o. which has over 17 years experience in the field of geodesy and geomatics.
Geo3D d.o.o. is an exclusive distributor and partner with Canadian LIDAR company OPTECH Inc. This distribution refers to the areas of Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

self portrait outside my apartment  self portrait outside my apartment  

Optech is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based surveying, mapping and imaging instruments. As a distributor Geo3D d.o.o. brings these outstanding LIDAR technological achievements to these areas with full support in hardware and software training and development by the professional team of experts.
LIDAR systems:

- ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging Systems
- CMS Cavity Monitoring System
- LYNX Mobile Mapper
- ALTM Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper
- SHOALS Airborne Laser Bathymeter Systems

Geo3D d.o.o. also offers a variety of software solutions for managing 3D data acquired by laser scanning, such as Polyworks by Innovmetric Inc., Z-map by Mencisoftware SRL. and JRC 3D Reconstructor developed by Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen of the Joint Research Centre (Ipsc-JRC).




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