With 3D Blood Pattern Analysis it is possible to reconstruct the regions of impact based on various groups of blood strings. The technique used is 3D laserscanning and photography.

The software will guide you through the process of digital stringing. So you do not have to perform any stringing at the crime scene. Furthermore, an extensive reporting and 3D visualization makes it all very clear for outsiders to conclude what might have happened.

The crime scene images can’t be measured on themselves, but when the image is combined with a laserscan which is accurate within millimeters, the image becomes measurable.

Use your forensic expertise to define clusters of stains and get instant 3D feedback on your theories. This will result in less time on the crime scene, digital stringing in the office and very accurate results!

Some very advanced algorithms are used, which makes stringing easy and precise. Blood stain edge detection and cluster calculations are the leading techniques. There are some other useful tools which will facilitate the process of virtually stringing a crime scene. Very useful is the macro function which will help in stringing the sub-millimeter blood stains.


Manufacturer’s website: http://www.delfttech.com/delfttech/services/software_solutions


Trial versions: http://www.delfttech.com/delfttech/services/software_solutions/downloads