3DF Zephyr Aerial software is the complete solution for photographic survey. Through a set of tools developed specifically for professionals in geomatics, Zephyr allows to reconstruct point clouds and three-dimensional models automatically from a series of photographs or videos.

Thanks to an immediate and powerful interface, it's possible to get contour lines, sections, paths in vector format and georeferenced orthophotos.



  • Dense point cloud generation   
  • Mesh Texturing       
  • Video Import
  • Point Cloud/Mesh import       
  • Cameras, Point Clouds and meshes export
  • Multi GPU CUDA ® computation       
  • Control points, measurements & volumes       
  • Orthophoto & Orthomosaic       
  • DEM profile       
  • Contour lines generation       
  • Sections/Track sections       
  • PCS georeferencing support and conversion   
  • Direct Sketchfab upload
  • 3D Eye app support

News of the version 3.0

  • Import laser scanner data in native formats (es: ZFS, LFS)
  • Alignment of point clouds produced by SFM algorithms and photogrammetry with point clouds from laser scanner with bundle adjustment
  • In cases the generated 3d model is not reliable (geometric elements such as poles, paddocks, etc...) it is possible to draw the same elements directly on the images
  • Automatic extraction of single frames from video
  • Automatic contour and sections extraction with cartouche
  • Extraction of volumes by a reference plane
  • Attribution of weight percentage on control points


Manufacturer’s website: http://www.microgeo.it/en/default.aspx

Manufacturer’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Microgeosrl