Telescopic photogrammetric system

  • Stabilized and remotely adjustable camera
  • 3D point cloud generation from video
  • System control via 3D EYE CONTROL App
  • High-definition 3D point cloud generation
  • High-resolution orthophotos

The 3DEYE photogrammetric system is a new solution for the three-dimensional photogrammetry at high altitude. The system was designed and implemented by our experience in drones and 3D photogrammetry calculations. With the 3DEYE system you can finally use aerial photography where environmental constraints, regulations and landscape would make it difficult. The stabilization system can be quickly installed on the top of the telescopic bar. The bar is 100% carbon fiber and its maximum extension can reach 13.5 m. The 3DEYE system is controlled via a high-performance Android Tablet in which is installed the 3DEYE CONTROL APP, developed in collaboration with the Italian software house 3DFLOW.

The project developed by Microgeo is an electro-mechanical stabilization system calibrated for a high-resolution camera with Zeiss optics. The photographic quality of images produced by the system, with absence of distortion, allows to respect the basic requirements for proper photogrammetric processing, generating point clouds and mesh models with high resolution textures.

With the 3DEYE CONTROL APP is possible to plan surveys and take control of the 3DEYE system in real time. The user can set the size of object that will be surveyed, the GSD value (Ground Sample Distance), and add the acquisition distance. The application allows to view the display of the camera and, after a picture is taken, it indicates the quality level of the resulting image (sharpness) in combination with the level of overlap with the previous shot. With the 3DEYE CONTROL APP the user can take all the necessary pictures in a wizard mode being sure to successfully process the area of interest, avoiding the generation of low-quality 3D models and preventing the return on site for more acquisitions.