JRC 3D Reconstructor® is the well-known multi-platform and multi-resolution software to manage point clouds and images coming from different LiDAR and imaging platforms. Perfect to combine LiDAR data coming from terrestrial, mobile and airborne sensors, with UAV and 3D imaging data. JRC 3D Reconstructor is distributed in several packages (Full, Construction, Heritage/Architectural, Mining/Tunnelling, Forensic, Photo) and an Educational version also is available in the Full package.


JRC 3D Reconstructor® technology gives you the best for your scans automatic registrations and geo-referencing thanks to the unique and powerful LineUp® tool.


Directly import the most common LiDAR terrestrial laser scanner formats (Faro, Riegl, Stonex, Topcon, Velodyne, Z+F).


Comfortably manage LiDAR data from terrestrial, mobile and airborne sensors, with UAV and images, in one single software.


Experience a complete LiDAR data processing workflow in a very user friendly environment. The turn-key solution for your work!


Go to the third-party software universe thanks to the most complete list of export formats.

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® FULL is the leading and worldwide well known top level Gexcel software to easily integrate multi-platform and multi-resolution 3D models and manage large cartographic coordinates (UTM, …), LiDAR data,

Hi-Res RGB images, GNSS topographic 3D surveyed points and 3D mesh models.

JRC 3D Reconstructor® FULL is available even in Educational version: same capabilities at special sales conditions.

The software is licensed through an USB dongle key and it is possible to upgrade the single license to the NET multiple license (at least 6 seats to contemporary work on different PCs inside a same local NET. Number of seats expandable on request).

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® CONSTRUCTION is specifically designed for construction, infrastructures and civil engineering surveying projects. The perfect answer to the needs of surveyors working in civil engineering.

• Cross sections and front buildings

• Orthographic views easy extraction

• Displacement and verticality maps, areas and volumes evaluation

• Verticality check

• Easy transfer the results to cad for easy deliverables production

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® MINING - TUNNELLING is the outstanding solution for mines and tunnels surveying projects using LiDAR sensors and UAVs.

• Contour lines

• Crests & toes

• Cut & fill volumes calculation

• Ridges & valleys extraction

• Profiles and plan views

• DTM generation and editing with an easy workflow

• UAV geotiff mapping

• Surface analysis

• Distance, angle, area, volume calculation

• Tunnel tool

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® HERITAGE-ARCHITECTURAL is the software designed for cultural heritage and architectural projects in order to easily create 3D colored models using Hi-Res RGB images acquired both from the cameras mounted on the laser and from independent external cameras.

• Creation of meshes and high resolution mesh models from point clouds

• Point cloud editing, filtering, color and classification

• Import meshes from third parties software

• Calibration and mapping of full resolution RGB images on mesh models

• As-built analysis and change detection

• CAD drawing output

• Extraction of hi-res orthophotos for a perfect colored representation

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® FORENSIC is the successfully applications of JRC 3D Reconstructor® capabilities in forensic field, improved with some dedicated features. Appreciated by the scientific law institutions.

• Lineup® pro (for automatic target-less scans registration) included

• Inspection tool to point out the geometric differences of the crime scenes in time

• Easy 3D measuring tools

• mapping hi-res RGB images on mesh models

• Road accident simulation

• distance maps from reference planes

• Fly-through video

JRC 3D Reconstructor®


JRC 3D Reconstructor® PHOTO is the best solution for users who need to create 3D colored models starting from point clouds or mesh models using any type of digital camera.

• Calibration of high resolution digital images and texture mapping

• Point cloud editing, filtering, color and classification

• Photo draping and calibration

• Extraction of high resolution orthophotos

• Extraction of elevations, plans, cross-sections, videos

• Façade color simulations

• Extraction of cylindrical, spherical and orthophotos

• Export to CAD or other modeling software

JRC 3D Reconstructor Demo version: http://www.gexcel.it/en/download/download-jrc-3d-reconstructor